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Saturday, January 14, 2006

abc ~ I love marie

All the sweet things she says about me.
Brown hair, which I adore.
Cute smile that brightens up my day.
Delightful sense of humor that keeps my laughing.
Emails that she sends me every day.
French kisses with a French girl
Great looking body.
Heavenly eyes to look into.
Intelligent beyond beliefe.
Japan, it brought her to me.
Kisses that make my heart beat plus vite.
Love, what she shows me every day.
Mornings, when we need to cuddle.
Nights, when we need to cuddle some more.
Ocean, the thing that can't stop our love.
Playful and cute all the time.
Questions that she answers with infinite patience.
Really cute voice.
Silly jokes and silly puns that she likes to talk about.
Terrific with accents and loves to show it off.
Uncommon kindness and gentleness.
Vacations, the times we get to spend together.
Wonderful in every way possible.
Xactly the right person for me.
Youthful and enthusiastic.
Zipper, the part of Marie's black sweater that I like to pull on.


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