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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

10 reasons why girls should love Joel, and 10 reasons why I am happy he is with ME!

1. Joel is a very nice guy, probably the nicest guy in town, not to say in the country. But if he loved another girl I would feel very lonely...
2. Joel always pays attention to you and tries not to hurt your feelings. If he loved another girl, I wouldn't be as happy as now with my loving boyfriend...
3. When Joel hurts your feelings he says sorry. He even says sorry if he didn't do anythign wrong but he sees you upset. If he was with another girl, I would be very upset at him for not loving me.
4. Joel is so incredibly cute when he takes his Noonoo voice and goes "Ahhh, it's not my fault!" *runs away*. When he does it I can't resist *fears his cuteness very much*
5. Joel is very smart, he knows a lot of things that even I wouldn't suspect he knows... O.O If he was with another girl, who would teach me the stuff he knows?
6. He never tries to show off to me so that I don't feel bad about myself. If he was with somebody else, I wouldn't have him as an example of kindness in my life.
7. When I do feel bad he is always there to cheer me up. If I didn't have him there are times I wouldn't know who to turn to.
8. Even when he has to study, he finds time to talk to me. And when I have to study he tries to force me to study lol
9. Joel is the reliable type: he never lets me down!! If he was with somebody else he would never let HER down and I would be let down and my little butt would hurt because he wouldn't be there to put a cushion under it so I don't hurt when I fall.
10. And last but not least (and the list could go on...) Joel is hawt! And I love his kisses and his cuddles and if he was with someone else, I would never have known what love means.


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