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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

To Joel

Hi everyone, this being a blog dedicated to our LDR, I want the world to know how much I love him!

Joel is the sweetest and cutest guy I know and honestly, he is the nicest boyfriend a girl could ever dream of.

Well, I mean.... He is evil and very mean and absolutely horrible, YOU wouldn't want such a boyfriend! *hides Joel in a corner so that the other girls won't steal him* ^^;

No but seriously, Joel is a kind, loving boyfriend, and I wish everyone to find a person who is as perfect as my little Joel can be!

Now, Joel, if you are reading this, I believe your ego must inflate a bit lol :D well don't get a big fat head but yeah, you are the purrfect boyfriend! So keep up the good work ok? ^^

And also, Joel and me play Final Fantasy XI online, where we have these cute little tarutaru characters (they look like 5 year-old kids) and sometimes Joel looks at me and takes a little tarutaru voice and goes "Ahhh it's not my fault!"
Once he hurt himself, and i said "Oh, you ok?" and he looked at me like a little boy, and took his tarutaru voice and said: "I can take care of myself" then he gave me his hand and showed me where he had gotten hurt and said, still in his taru voice "Fix it!"
Man I almost died, it was so cute. I fear his cuteness, and so should you!


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