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Friday, January 13, 2006

Don't be rude in France

Hi, everyone.
I decided to share a funny story. ^^

When I went to France to visit Marie, I didn't know much French.
Marie wanted to help me practice by telling me that I should try to order a crepe from the
crepe stand. So, Marie kept telling me that all I had to say to him was:
"Je voudrais deux crêpes au sucre." So, this being the only thing I had to say, according to Marie, I practiced this sentence a few time before nervously approaching the crepe guy.

I went up to him and declared my desire for the crepes with sugar and we made the transaction.
I handed one crepe to Marie and we walked off eating our delicious crepes.
Then, Marie turned to me and said, "Joel, you were rude to the crepe guy!".

I was shocked, I had no clue how on God's green Earth I could have been rude to that man!
Staring into my jaw-dropped face, Marie said to me, "You forgot to say 'Bonjour!'".

She never told me I had to say "Bonjour", and since I panicked (I am very shy), I just simply uttered that single sentence Marie told me I needed to know to order the crepes.

So, a note to anyone out there planning a trip to France, please say "Bonjour" first to anyone you are going to talk to. Well, unless it is the evening, then say "Bonsoir".

Good luck!


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