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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The pros and cons of being in a LDR:

When he’s away, you can’t cuddle as much as you want, you can’t run to him when you’re depressed. If like us, you have to put up with time difference, it makes it even worse. Add to that the phone bills if you can’t see each other online and still wanna hear his/her voice.

When it is sunny outside and you wanna hang out you have to choose between hanging out with friends (outside, u can see the sunlight and feel the breeze on your face) or hang out together (inside, no sun, no breeze, but with your significant other!)

I remember when I first dated Joel, I used to run home to see him lol when my friends asked me to hang out I said I was busy and had to go (and I ran home to talk to Joel on messenger) It was fine, until one day I felt sad that it was sunny outside and I had to stay inside if I wanted to talk to him…
I wouldn’t recommend a LDR, because it is hard to deal with when you are deeply in love the person and every moment you spend without them seems like torture. But I guess if you are strong enough and want your relationship to go somewhere it’s not that hard to deal with. Except for the physical part, but that depends on the person. Like, us for example, we miss each other a lot, but we wanna build a future together, so we put up with the situation now so that if we can go through this right now, our love will be stronger and we can have a stable relationship and live together and have fun later on.
I guess it depends on what you are looking for really… If it is just fun as in cybering, I guess it’s not really a relationship <.< so it should be fine as long as you’re clear with the other (it would be nice to let them know so that it doesn’t hurt their feelings later if they expected you to love them lol poor them XD) But if you want a real relationship, get ready to suffer, get ready to miss the other a lot, to cry even and maybe fight because of the pressure the distance puts on both of you.

Personally I think it is worth it though… Because it would be silly for me to miss out on love because it wasn’t the guy next door. Joel is part of my life, and I don’t feel good if one day I can’t talk to him while I really need to. But then again the choice is up to you.

That was my opinion about it. Maybe Joel will post and give you his opinion about it too? ^^


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