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Sunday, January 08, 2006

silly silly

here is the type of convos we have on messenger...

Marie: yea let's make a cute blog about us! u should post on it too, ok?
Joel: ok, I will.
Marie: u want it a different color?
Joel: LMAO
Marie: ^^;

Not silly enough? got more!!

Marie: OH LOOK JOEL!!!!! A PINK ELEPHANT!!! *points*
Joel: *looks*
Marie: *kissies you while you're not looking*

still not silly enough?? here is more!!

J: i didn't wanna say anything to him before, but she is a bit ugly XD
M: i think she's ok.
J: *pats you on the back*
M: idk
J: you're a girl, you can't know :P
M: i can!
J: no~ :P I don't think girls can ever really know what guys see :P
M: no we have our own standards, even guys dont see things alike sometimes... it's a personal thing. u cant discuss taste... like her, for example she's not ugly, but she's not beautiful either:
J: uhh, she's pretty ^^
M: she's ok... *thinks* idk anymore
J: she's pretty ^^ :P
M: im so used to seeing beautiful ppl that i dont notice beauty as much XD lol XD
M: ^^;
J: marie XD
M: yes?
J: stop looking in the mirror XD
M: LOL XD i was gonna say
M: im pretty and the rest of the world is ugly XD
J: ^.^
M: :P
J: yep :D
M: *posts this convo onto the blog*


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