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Monday, February 06, 2006

What to do together when you're away from each other...

One of the hardest things is to know what to do together when you're away from each other... There are lots of things you CANNOT do, like going out together, having lunch together at a nice restaurant, and so on and so forth...

So now, the question is, how not to get bored? Well, there are many things you can do! You can play online games, talk, do your homework together, watch CNN videos and such together, read online books together, you just need a bit of imagination!

Joel and I often eat together, like at the computer and stuff... I know it might sound silly to those who are in a normal relationship, but the goal is to share something together... Since you can't go out to eat or sit at a table together, then why not eat on cam, at least you feel a bit closer, you do things at the same time, and you can talk... So it's almost like a normal lunch!

Moreover, what Joel and I do, we try to support each other as much as possible. A blog is a good idea for this, because it's kinda like your private space, where only you two get to write. Recently, Joel decided to start a diet, so I told him, "hey, know what? I'll do it with you so you don't feel like you're making efforts alone!" Eversince, we both have been posting our meals on a diet blog. I have been posting mine here also for convenience reasons that is why I made a category that I called "diet".

It is also good to fix yourselves objectives, like, read this or that book together, or each on your side and then talk about it. We are reading "1984" by George Orwell right now. And Joel is helping me with a Chomsky book I am reading for scholastic reasons.

Well, come back for more, I'll try to post as much as I can on the subject. In the mean time, bear with me and my meal menus, so that Joel can check them out easily! (That's also a way to keep my blog updated, and therefore up the list, cuz we need more traffic lol XD)

Well anyway, that's all for now, folks!


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