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Sunday, January 22, 2006

ways to keep in touch

An important element of a long-distance relationship is how you are going to keep in touch.
Some people might write snail mail, if they live in the same country i guess it is ok. Some people might prefer using a phone, I like it, but in my situation it is expensive. Some people might use the internet! In my humble opinion, the Internet is the way to go, for severla reasons! first, you pay a monthly fee for unlimited access to any service you want, i.e. email, messengers, chat rooms and much more! even a blog like me and joel are doing! Second, you dont have to wait ages for the person to get back to you. In my situation, if i send a letter to joel today by airmail, it will probably get there in 8 to 15 days, and if he replies straight away his gets back to me a month after i sent mine! not very quick is it? also, snail mail is expensive! if i wanna send joel the slightest object it costs me 15+ euros, that's more than 17-20 dollars. and a letter is 3 stamps, so yeah <.< plus online you can voice-chat, or type to each other (if u dont want anybody to eavesdrop that can come in handy). you can do many things online, like read books (there are sites with free online books) or chat to friends, or play online video games such as final fantasy XI, go to forums, hang out wihtout going out XD
well it is not a rosy picture i am trying to paint... sometimes it is difficult to choose between staying home with ur significant other online or going out...without them! but i do think the internet has made LDRs easier to deal with. Can you imagine, 50 years ago, a letter to the US might have taken months to arrive! not to mention that 100 years ago, new york to washinton was considered very long distance! and now joel and I are separated by an ocean and it's cool <.< we see each other more often than my friend whose boyfriend lives 3 blocks away! (although no cuddles drives me crazy sometimes!)
what do you guys think? leave a comment to tell us!!


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