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Sunday, March 05, 2006


    Sometimes, Joel and I don't know what to do... We happen to be bored... Even when we are together! That is due, I believe, to the lack of possibilities to cuddle and stuff, since we are away from each other. In such moments, what to do??? We play Solitaire Showdown! (It's an MSN messenger game!) Now, why Solitaire Showdown you might ask?
    Personally I enjoy Solitaire because Joel almost always loses, which keeps me entertained! When I lose, I go "I'm not entertained anymooooore......" That sentence has become an inside joke! Also, we call each other names when we get a spot the other wanted, like...
> me: "You cheater!!!! You stole my card! >.<o!"
> joel: "aaaaaah~"
lol XD
Then, if I win, I go "YAY! v(^.^)v". And if Joel wins, i go "noooo >.<, >o<, >0<o!o!o!" lol I throw a tantrum then I laugh then cry again but just because it's funny, not for real!
So even when I say I am not entertained, in fact I am very entertained! XD
All that to say: even if u have nothing to do, there is always something fun to do together! 
Have fun!


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